Login to HMS cloud services and external portals

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Talk2m is Ewon's industrial cloud. Combined with an Ewon Cosy or Flexy gateway, it enables secure remote access to machines anytime, anywhere. To set up a Talk2m account, use the Ecatcher VPN client software. To easily monitor machines using a browser, use M2web, Talk2m's web access platform.



Argos IoT cloud is a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring and control of field equipment. Combined with an Ewon Netbiter gateway, it allows you to visualize, monitor, manage and control remote sites and equipment. Register or access your Argos account by clicking the button below.


Intesis AC Cloud

Developed in close collaboration with the main AC manufacturers, AC Cloud Control allows remote control and monitoring of domestic, commercial, and VRF units from anywhere via a web dashboard or an app. Use the button below to access the web dashboard with your account, or create a new one if you don't have it.


RMA - product returns

We want you to feel safe ordering from us. If your product was damaged during transportation, miss any parts or is clearly defective, you can register a return case directly. HMS will free of charge resolve defects in the product delivered which are due to defects in material, design or manufacture.


Support portal

If you need to reach out to the HMS support organization this can be done through our support portal.


Intesis ST Cloud

ST Cloud Control turns BACnet or Modbus devices smart so they can be remotely controlled and monitored from a smartphone app or a web dashboard. Press the button below to register or log into your account and add gateways, manage widgets previously defined via Intesis MAPS, create notifications, and more.