About HMS

Shaping the connected world!

HMS creates products that enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information with software and systems. In short: Hardware Meets Software™.

We make industrial equipment communicate

HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software. By enabling industrial equipment to communicate and share information with software and systems, our customers increase productivity and sustainability. 

HMS Networks was founded in 1988 in Halmstad, Sweden where you still find our head office. Today, millions of industrial devices all over the world use HMS products to get connected.

Since April 2024, Red Lion Controls is a member of the HMS Group.

Our customers — makers and users

Our playing field is called Industrial ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Here, we help both makers and users of industrial equipment.

  • Makers are, for example, manufacturers of drives, robots, air conditioning units, vehicles, gensets or other machines or devices. Makers turn to HMS solutions to get their products connected.
  • Users are, for example, factory owners, system integrators or building caretakers who use industrial equipment. Users turn to HMS solutions to enable communication and information sharing.

What HMS products do

Have a peek into The Connected Factory and see how HMS Networks enables network communication, remote access, wireless communication, diagnostics and much more.


1200 people

Revenue 2023

267 M EUR

Distributors in

50+ countries

Operations in

20+ countries



We put Heart, Mind and Soul (HMS) into what we do.



We enable valuable data and insights from industrial equipment allowing our customers to increase productivity and sustainability.



To become the World’s greatest industrial ICT company. (ICT = Information & Communication Technology.)

This is HMS!

At HMS, we believe that connecting matters, in everything from making devices, machines and systems talk, to engaging actively with our customers. Let’s connect!

Our locations


How HMS is structured

With operations in 20+ countries and partners in an additional 50, HMS has the most extensive sales and support network in the business.

HMS Corporate

Halmstad, Sweden
The head office for HMS's operations, with central functions like IT, accounting/finance, global sales and marketing.

The business units develop products and solutions. 

Business unit Anybus
Halmstad, Sweden
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Center for development of Anybus products.

Business unit Ewon
Nivelles, Belgium
Buchen, Germany
Wetzlar, Germany
Center for development of Ewon products.

Business unit Intesis
Igualada (Barcelona), Spain
Center for development of Intesis products.

Business unit Ixxat
Ravensburg, Germany
Center for development of Ixxat products.

The market units bring the products to market. 

Market unit continental Europe
Karlsruhe, Germany
Center for HMS in Central Europe. Manages local sales, support, marketing and some customer-related development. 

Market unit Americas
Chicago, USA
Center for HMS in North and South America. Manages local sales, support and marketing. 

Market unit APAC
Multiple locations
Manages local sales, support and marketing. Offices in Shin-Yokohama (Japan), Pune (India), Singapore, Melbourne (Australia), Seoul (South Korea) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). 

Market unit Greater China
Beijing, China
Manages local sales, support and marketing and business related to mainland China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. 

Market unit Northern Europe and the rest of the world
Halmstad, Sweden
Manages local sales, support and marketing in northern Europe, UK, and other selected countries that do not belong to one of the other market units. Coordinated from Halmstad.


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Sustainability and ethical responsibility

HMS strives to minimize the climate impact in our own operations and in the value chain.

History of growth and innovation.

Originally started as a student project, HMS is now a multinational leader in Industrial Information and Communication Technology.

Technologies we work with

5G, IIoT, Industrial Ethernet, Safety, AI, e-mobility, battery communication – HMS leads the way.


In modern production facilities, HMS Networks manufactures industrial communication products with extreme quality demands.