Development, networking and operation of CAN and CAN FD systems

Enabling connectivity to CAN networks

Ixxat CAN solutions from HMS Networks support you in all phases of your project, from development to testing and configuration to networking and controlling. We provide modern, industry-proven solutions from a single source. Enabling developers and test engineers to create state-of-the-art applications in less time and at lower costs.

CAN networking and communication solutions

Used for various applications, from medical to industrial automation and e-mobility.

Flexible CAN system control

Get control of your Controller Area Network devices

Millions of machines and systems are networked via CAN (Controller Area Network) or CAN FD. Ixxat solutions from HMS enable you to connect PLCs and PC-based systems to your CAN network – reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Enable communication between Siemens SIMATIC PLCs and CAN and CANopen systems – Using established CAN-based components within a PROFINET/PROFIBUS environment.
  • Connect PC-based control applications to CAN networks – supporting a wide range of operating systems and PC interfaces.
Configuration and maintenance solutions for Controller Area Network applications
Connect a PC to CAN for configuration and maintenance

Easy access to configure CAN applications and devices

Ixxat products enable flexible access to your CAN-based devices – for development, commissioning or maintenance. Applications range from mobile service and configuration of e-scooters via notebook, to commissioning of complex systems at a desktop workstation.

  • Empowering PC-based service applications to access CAN.
  • High flexibility when it comes to PC interface type and operating system.
  • Easy connection to your PC application, saves development time and costs.
CAN interconnection and system expansion

Link CAN networks intelligently to increase flexibility and lower costs

When installing CAN networks, long cable lengths or a large number of nodes can cause network issues. HMS Ixxat solutions simplify the network structure, for example by dividing it into linked sub-systems. This increases the reliability by improving the signal quality, avoiding costly failures.

  • Interconnection of CAN and CAN FD – easy technology migration.
  • Adaptation of the network to the system environment – wire and cost saving.
  • Bridging large distances and load reduction through routing and filtering.
  • Simple cloud connection (MQTT, OPC UA).
CAN system commissioning and data logging

Get valuable data from your CAN system

HMS Ixxat solutions enable analysis of Controller Area Network data for a wide range of applications, either PC-based, stand-alone or remote. You can do simple hand-held installation tests, requiring very little CAN knowledge, but you can also do highly advanced data analysis, signal interpretation and logging.

  • Easy system testing and commissioning, even by inexperienced users.
  • Powerful data analysis during development and operation to get deep insights.
  • Data logging for predictive maintenance, error analysis and generation of valuable data.
End of line and system testing

Connect in-vehicle networks to automation systems

HMS offers a wide range of products with CAN support specially designed for automotive testing. We enable end of line (EOL) testing during battery pack and electric drive production and support your system verification tests. Products range from simple gateways over data logging, data visualization and access to automation and PLC systems up to rest bus simulation in real time environments.
Prevent damage through the use of galvanic isolation

Protect your investment and increase system reliability

Systems and machines often combine power electronics and sensitive components for CAN communication in a very tight space. In order to prevent EM interference on data communication and damage due to voltage peaks, HMS offers a wide variety of galvanically decoupled components – preventing damage from internal and external events and increasing system reliability.

  • Significant increase in system reliability minimizes costly downtime.
  • Enable reliable data transmission in interference-intensive environments.
  • Avoid equipment damage and time-consuming repairs.

Pioneering CAN technology

For more than 30 years, HMS has been a leading provider of solutions for industrial communication and the Ixxat brand is leading the way in CAN communication and expertise. With the availability of the first CAN chip in 1988, engineers from HMS implemented CAN-based system solutions and developed analysis tools, interfaces, infrastructure components and CAN-based higher protocols.

Under the Ixxat brand, HMS markets cutting-edge system concepts and system solutions for CAN, implemented in numerous customer-specific projects.

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Case studies and testimonials

Car simulator driven by Ixxat – PC CAN interfaces
PC interface cards Ixxat

Car simulator driven by Ixxat – PC CAN interfaces

ETAS uses Ixxat PC interface boards to enable communication between their LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
Worker guidance system – connect two worlds with the Ixxat INpact
PC interface cards Ixxat

Worker guidance system – connect two worlds with the Ixxat INpact

Sarissa Assistance Systems rely on Ixxat INpact to connect their local positioning system to customer‘s own worker guidance systems.
Get CAN diagnostics from racing cars wirelessly at each pit stop
PC interface cards Ixxat

Racing cars go wireless!

How Speeding Scientists Siegen get CAN diagnostics from their racing car wirelessly at each pit stop.


What is controller area network (CAN)?

Controller Area Network is a robust, differential-signaling protocol used for efficient message-based data communication among nodes. It employs priority-based arbitration, error detection, and real-time capabilities, making it ideal for automotive and industrial applications.

Where is controller area network used?

CAN is technically employed in automotive (ECU communication, engine control), industrial automation (PLC networking, robotics), aerospace, medical devices (data exchange in equipment), marine (navigation and control) and many other applications for communication in control and monitoring applications.

What is the advantage of controller area network – compared to other fieldbuses?

CAN is favored over other communication systems because it's tough, works well in real-time situations, can grow without big changes, uses network resources efficiently, and is widely used in many industries. It's cost-effective and ensures data accuracy, making it a reliable choice.

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