Sustainable and responsible business

HMS Sustainability

Our focus areas for sustainability


Responsibility for climate and environment

Long-term sustainable business is conducted with the environment and climate in mind, and climate impact is one of HMS focus areas going forward.


Business ethics and social responsibility

HMS has established controlled working conditions throughout the value chain - contributing to societal development in places where HMS is active.


Leadership for sustainable development

HMS stages leadership development programs on a continuous basis to develop leaders ensuring modern leadership.

Minimizing climate impact in our operations


Climate targets under Science Based Targets

HMS has made a commitment confirming our intention to set a science-based target in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.

As a company, we can offer a lot of sustainability gains for our customers as they can use our products to reduce service trips and optimize energy use.

But we can also do a lot in our own operations to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Richard Skog
Chief Operating Officer

Ongoing sustainability initatives


Efficient energy consumption with HMS products

Automated processes and intelligent industrial communication enables more efficient energy consumption in industrial equipment - this is HMS' main contribution to sustainable development.


Waste management

HMS' ambition is to reduce the amount of waste and increase the share that goes to recycling. We have reviewed the use of materials in packaging processes and replaced plastic materials with paper materials in parts of the packaging process and will continue to do so.


Growing wind power business

Our products are often used in the rapid expansion of wind power - an important part of the global sustainability initiatives to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions.


Reduced travelling and smarter energy use

By using our Ewon and Intesis solutions, we estimate that customers have been able to reduce their environmental impact by over a million tons of CO₂ in 2021 - that equals the lifetime fuel consumption of 29,000 cars.

Sustainability awards and commitments

Responsible business

Business ethics and social responsibility


HMS prioritizes ethics and societal growth

HMS has established controlled working conditions throughout the value chain — contributing to societal development in places where HMS is active with its own operations or via partners. This also means taking responsibility for the society in which HMS operates by combating corruption and respecting human rights.

Focus areas


Energy efficiency

Automated processes and intelligent industrial communication enables more efficient energy consumption in industrial equipment - this is HMS' main contribution to sustainable development.


Human rights

Human rights play a significant part in the HMS Code of Conduct. HMS supports and respects the protection of human rights and guarantees that it is not involved in crimes against human rights.


Conflict minerals

Extraction of metals and minerals used in electronic products can pose a risk due to where the material is extracted. HMS policy for conflict minerals provides a guide on how to perform traceability reporting in the supply chain to ensure a conflict-free supply chain.



Environmental legislation and other legal requirements in the area of sustainability are regularly monitored and followed up, including but not limited to, REACH and RoHS Directives, regulations for Conflict Minerals and Extended Producer Responsibility for the end of life treatment of electrical equipment, batteries and packaging.



We have a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and the Code of Conduct clearly states the employees and subcontractors shall not participate in corruption and must act ethically and responsibly throughout HMS' value chain.


Customer data

HMS operations involves processing of customer data generated in HMS' systems and cloud services. We take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data and communication data provide, collected and/or stored in our systems.

Employee engagement

Personal and professional development


Small things - big energy savings

HMS Networks has an ambitious sustainability agenda of reducing our carbon footprint. This means that all teams need to turn every stone to look for sustainability gains. 

One team that has had this top of mind is the Anybus development department in Halmstad, Sweden. They develop world-leading Anybus industrial communication products which enable industrial machinery to communicate on any industrial network (hence the name Anybus). 


Planting trees

The goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions we generate in our company, also collaborating with other actions that help our planet.

Intesis participated in a tree-planting activity where 62 trees were planted. Pinyoner pine and dogwood seeds where planted to grow trees that will be transplant next year in the forests all over the region. HMS received a certificate from Life Climark confirming that 3.5 tons of CO2 will be fixed for the next 25 years.

Focus areas for employee engagement

Health and develoment

Employee health and well-being are top priorities for the company. HMS supports various health-related activities internationally and is continuously investigating in competence training in order for the organization to be up to date with the required skills for the future.

Company culture

Although HMS is becoming a larger company, it is still important for us to keep the culture of a smaller entrepreneurial company. HMS' organizational setup with Business and Market Units ensures that teams are not becoming too big and also maintains the entrepreneurial feeling.


HMS stages leadership development programs on a continuous basis to develop leaders ensuring modern leadership. International synchronization and sharing on manager level are strengthened by the recurring HMS Leadership Summit.

Ethics and anti-corruption

HMS takes pride in being a good employer and fair business partner around the world. The HMS Code of Conduct includes strictly formulated policies related to business ethics and anti-corruption, which are expected to be followed - both by HMS internally as well as by HMS' partners in the value chain.

Responsible tax payer

An international company with subsidiaries all over the world, HMS wants to take local responsibility for its business according to local regulations. Accordingly, HMS does not engage in complex international tax-evasive setups. Taxes are simply paid where HMS generates the business.

Diversity and equality

HMS operates in a field which is traditionally male-dominated. However, HMS strives for increased diversity in all aspects of our business. HMS continuously tracks the male vs female split - for employees in general as well as for managers.

Related documents

ISO Certificates
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HMS ISO 9001 Ravensburg in French
pdf 61.5 KB
HMS ISO 14001 Certificate
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HMS ISO 14001 Intesis in English
pdf 201.2 KB
HMS ISO 9001 Intesis in English
pdf 200.4 KB
HMS ISO 9001 Ravensburg in German
pdf 61.2 KB
HMS ISO 9001 Ravensburg in English
pdf 59.5 KB
HMS ISO 9001 Certificate
pdf 72.7 KB
Policies and guidelines
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HMS Group Quality Policy
pdf 2.5 MB
HMS Supplier Code of Conduct
pdf 6.2 MB
HMS Group Environmental Policy
pdf 2.3 MB
HMS General Purchasing Conditions
pdf 256.8 KB
HMS Code of Conduct
pdf 5.5 MB
HMS Conflict Minerals Policy
pdf 115.9 KB
Product declarations and reports
File Filetype Size
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
pdf 473.1 KB
CMRT (v. 6.31)
xlsx 1.6 MB
California Proposition 65
pdf 472.6 KB
US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
pdf 576.3 KB
HMS RoHS declaration
pdf 566.3 KB
HMS REACH declaration
pdf 354.7 KB

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