Case study

Smart lighting control in grocery retail market

Inelbo, specializing in indoor installations and electrical maintenance, chose Intesis as their preferred network integration provider for energy efficiency. Intesis gateways enable efficient system management, integrating diverse equipment and protocols, and are key in Inelbo's project for a major Spanish grocery franchise.


Inelbo, a subsidiary of the Eiffage Energy Group, is a company specializing in all types of indoor installations (industrial, retail, commercial buildings) and electrical maintenance (transformation stations, public premises, fire detection systems, etc). Inelbo outstands as a leading company in these areas:

  • Integrated project management of electrical installations (Medium / Low Voltage)
  • One-Stop Engineering office, covering projects and execution
  • Management and automation systems

Energy saving

Inelbo qualifies Intesis as their preferred provider for network integration solutions on the grounds of their commitment to Energy Efficiency. Intesis gateways help Inelbo achieve a fully efficient system, where centrally managed schedules and calendars, smart sensors for better use of natural daylight and routine tasks automation outstand as main success factors.

Barriers to entry and competitive advantage

After an initial Request For Proposals, Inelbo opened a bidding process which brought Intesis into competition with well-known global brands in the fields of building automation and systems integration. Intesis was awarded the contract on the basis of our proximity to customers and deep understanding of the challenges they face in their day-to-day work. Indeed, the biggest problem our customers typically deal with, when implementing BMS solutions, is a wide variety and diversity of equipment and protocols to integrate. The easiest solution is provided by Intesis, as our gateways allow for systems standardization and help deliver premium customer service to end users.


In Intesis we found the best solution to control all field devices, their products allowed us to homogenize the installation parameters and providing our customer with a five star service.

Vicente Cerezo Guzmán, Systems and Automation Director, Inelbo S.A.U


Solution key points and highlights

  • Engineering standards set for multiple sites
  • Insights for agile and Informed decision-making
  • Robust system operation
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Technology for comfort


Smart lighting control in grocery retail market


Project Overview

The solution is being implemented at one of the largest grocery franchises in Spain. The project comprises electrical control equipment and energy efficiency services for indoor climate systems, sanitary hot water tanks, ventilation systems, etc. It is fully customizable to meet every shop’s requirements and it includes IoT devices that enable communication with any open control system. Lighting is controlled over DALI protocol, featuring zone sectoring, programmable schedules and automated use of daylight.  Project is currently in progress, aiming at implementing the solution in +1,600 Points of Sale.

Why Intesis?

Inelbo was looking for a partner with a deep understanding of customers’ needs and challenges in the retail industry. Intesis, a Business Unit within HMS group, have extensive experience and a proven record of clients’ success. That’s why Inelbo qualified Intesis, and set up a partnership that is generating optimal solutions in a collaborative way. While working on this project, Inelbo and Intesis are looking to deliver cutting edge solutions, and plan to strength their cooperation by creating development teams to meet the retail industry challenges.

Company: Inelbo

Country: Spain

Year: 2021

Solution: Lighting control

Industries: Building automation

Products: Intesis DALI to Modbus protocol translators

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