Easy integration of DALI-2 sensors and ballasts into your BMS

Lighting Control enabled

Improve the building's energy efficiency while increasing users' comfort and well-being with full integration of DALI-2 sensors and ballasts into your BACnet, KNX TP and Modbus BMS.

DALI Protocol Translators

Better control of DALI installations

DALI is the internationally standardized protocol for digital communication between lighting control devices.

Intesis DALI gateways are the perfect tool to control, monitor, and commission DALI installations, allowing digital lighting control integration in any BACnet, KNX, or Modbus BMS. It's possible to control up to 64 or 128 DALI addresses individually and up to 16 or 32 DALI groups, including up to 16 scenes.

The configuration project and DALI commissioning are done through Intesis MAPS, with a scan function available to help streamline the process.

Easily adjusted and optimized lighting control gateway

Wide configuration possibilities

Intesis DALI gateways integrate and configure lighting parameters for fluorescent, LED, and emergency lighting, push buttons, and absolute input devices.

The Intesis 700 series support color control gear and local control for occupancy and light sensors. This enhances lighting automation and enables more pleasant lighting environments that mimic natural daylight — improving comfort, performance, and health.


Color control, diagnostics, and maintenance information

Intesis 700 Series DALI gateways offer flexible BACnet and Modbus application swapping, local DALI input device control, occupancy, and light sensor control.

It supports area control, energy reporting, diagnostics, and maintenance features, all while sharing the information with the BMS for comprehensive building management.

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Optimizing Eastway tunnel lighting with Intesis gateway

In London's Eastway Tunnel, HMS Networks' Intesis gateway played a crucial role in optimizing lighting and energy efficiency. Ematics, using this technology, ensured optimal light distribution and safety, integrating with the DALI network for effective control and maintenance.

Smart lighting control in grocery retail market

Inelbo, specializing in indoor installations and electrical maintenance, chose Intesis as their preferred network integration provider for energy efficiency. Intesis gateways enable efficient system management, integrating diverse equipment and protocols, and are key in Inelbo's project for a major Spanish grocery franchise.


How are the gateways configured?

The gateway configuration is executed through the Intesis MAPS configuration tool software. You can find more information about this software at the following link: Intesis MAPS.

Are your products DALI-2 certified?

Yes, all Intesis products are DALI-2 certified. You can find the complete list at the following link: https://www.dali-alliance.org/products.

How many DALI channels are supported by Intesis DALI gateways?

A one-channel version and a two-channel version are available.

What is human-centric lighting?

Human-centric lighting aims to deliver a more natural light, creating spaces that promote well-being and improve comfort. Light perception affects people on a physiological level throughout the day, controlling our internal biological clock by regulating our energy levels, hormones, and sleep patterns in a cycle known as the circadian rhythm. Changes in the circadian rhythm can profoundly affect mood, concentration, productivity at work, and general health. Therefore, a light that feels more natural is crucial in improving our circadian rhythm.

What are scenes?

Scenes are pre-defined levels assigned to control gear to set differing brightness levels to different lights. Up to 16 scenes can be defined via MAPS.

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Intesis MAPS

Intesis MAPS is a Windows-based software developed to configure and monitor Intesis gateways.

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