Reduce HVAC systems' energy consumption and improve in-building comfort

Easy HVAC control and connectivity

Connectivity and control for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) enable HVAC systems to share operational data with control systems or to the cloud.

Any AC unit — any building network

Brand-specific or Universal HVAC interfaces

Intesis products for HVAC control and connectivity are compatible with most HVAC brands and protocols, enabling system integrators to connect and control HVAC units easily and reliably.

Choose from brand-specific interfaces or universal interfaces for any HVAC brand using an infrared remote.

With over 20 years of experience and over one million connected HVAC units, Intesis solutions are trusted worldwide for building automation.

Why Intesis?

Energy efficiency and cost savings

HVAC systems account for around 40% of the energy consumption in buildings. With the Intesis HVAC control and connectivity solutions from HMS Networks, users can optimize control and maintenance, reduce energy usage, and save costs.

  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Provide the energy consumption data.
  • Communicate with the main protocols in building automation.
  • Cloud control for remote access and preventive maintenance.
Human well-being

A more comfortable building climate

HVAC systems use different communication protocols depending on the brand and model. Therefore, integrating with external control systems by themselves is a complicated task.

Intesis HVAC control and connectivity solutions enable integration with building automation systems so that building owners gain control over their indoor environment.

Features like temperature setpoint, humidity regulation, scheduling, and remote access, help create personalized, comfortable spaces that cater to individual preferences for a better indoor climate.

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Intesis AC Interfaces for data centers

Data centers require stable temperatures for optimal performance. Standard HVAC systems lack security, energy efficiency, and monitoring. Intesis offers solutions for enhanced control and efficiency.

The smarter way to control your AC units

Intesis AC Cloud Control offers a cloud-based system for remote control of air conditioners, enhancing guest comfort, energy efficiency, and maintenance, compatible with various AC brands and models.


How can I connect an HVAC unit to building management systems (BACnet, KNX, Modbus, and Home Automation)?

Intesis AC interfaces from HMS Networks enable communication between most HVAC-units and the major building automation protocols like BACnet, KNX, Modbus, and Home Automation. The interface gateways are easily configured enabling quick connectivity and control.

What is the difference between individual and centralized connectivity?

HVAC system connectivity and control have two distinct approaches: individual and centralized connectivity. Individual interfaces can help prevent widespread failures on critical projects. The configuration process is very easy and additional hardware for power is not required, as the HVAC interfaces draw power directly from the units they control.

The centralized connectivity through a single gateway is a cost-effective solution that reduces initial expenses and ongoing maintenance costs. The installation is a one-time task but maintains the flexibility of individual connectivity, as it also allows for independent indoor unit control.

The choice between individual interfaces and centralized gateways hinges on project-specific needs, balancing factors like redundancy, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and customizable control.

What protocols and certifications are supported by Intesis solutions?

All the products are certified for the main protocols and markets and are ready to be used worldwide. Connectivity and control are possible for BACnet, KNX, Modbus, and Home Automation systems.

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Intesis MAPS

Intesis MAPS is a Windows-based software developed to configure and monitor Intesis gateways.

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