EV Charging OCPP integration in building management systems

Electric vehicle smart charging

Integrate smart charging of electric vehicles with Modbus Building Management Systems (BMS) or connect them to an external OCPP Central System (CS), with the Modbus BMS performing remote monitoring and smart charging control tasks only.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Flexibility and interoperability

The Intesis OCPP gateway connects electric vehicle charging stations to Modbus RTU or TCP BMS, enabling advanced operations and monitoring of the charging stations from a central system.

It has two operation modes: BMS as an OCPP Central System and External OCPP Central System. Configuration is done using the Intesis MAPS tool, which can automatically detect all chargers in the network.

Why Intesis?

Cost savings and enhanced customer experience

The smart charging operations enabled by the Intesis gateways allow load management for intelligent control, optimization of the charging process, and stabilization of building energy.

It enables the building management system to maximize energy efficiency, minimize costs, and balance the electricity use throughout the building campus.

The smart charging process allows you to adjust the charging power based on electricity demand, energy prices, grid conditions, and user preferences. This helps balancing the loads on the grid and optimizing energy usage.


Robust management for an evolving market

HMS follows updates and developments in the OCPP protocol. Currently compatible with OCPP 1.6, Intesis OCPP gateways have a clear evolution path. Its standardized framework ensures compatibility, empowering robust EV networks.

With more than 20 years of experience in the building automation market, our technical experts align OCPP integration with building sustainability goals, energy optimization, and synchronization with other building systems. This proactive approach paves the way for an integrated EV smart charging future.

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Efficient data collection accelerates electric vehicle development
PC interface cards Ixxat

Efficient data collection accelerates electric vehicle development

With interest in the development of electric vehicles at an all-time high, one company has identified the Ixxat USB-to-CAN V2 interface as perhaps the best way to download operational data for analysis.


Is OCPP integration suitable for different types of buildings?

Yes, the applicability of an OCPP integration can vary depending on the specific needs of each building type:

  • Residential Buildings: to enable homeowners to efficiently manage and monitor their electric vehicle (EV) charging process. It can help optimize energy consumption, track charging costs, and integrate with home automation systems for greater convenience.
  • Commercial Buildings: In commercial settings like office buildings, retail spaces, or parking garages, OCPP integration can provide centralized control and monitoring of multiple charging stations. This can be valuable for managing employee or customer EV charging needs, tracking usage for billing purposes, and optimizing load management to prevent grid overloads during peak hours.
  • Industrial Facilities: Industrial complexes with fleets of electric vehicles can benefit from OCPP integration to streamline charging operations. It allows for effective fleet management, scheduling charging sessions, and ensuring that vehicles are ready for use when needed.

It's important to assess the unique needs of a building and design the integration accordingly to maximize its benefits.

What charging station data can I integrate into the Modbus controller?

Using Intesis Protocol Translators, you can integrate all the charging station variables, including the following operations:

  • Operations supported in BMS CS mode: authorizations, remote start/stop transactions, local start/stop transactions, local list management, heartbeat, meter values, booking/reservation, and smart charging operations.
  • Readings supported in External CS mode: charger info, charger availability, and meter values.
What protocols and certifications are supported by Intesis solutions?

All products are certified for the main protocols and markets and are ready to be used worldwide. The OCPP EV chargers’ integration is possible for Modbus TCP & RTU, and the gateway is UL-certified.

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