Empowering data communication in your BESS

Communication in Battery Energy Storage Systems

Communication and intelligent networking are key to an efficient Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) as they combine components from many different vendors and are themselves part of a networked smart grid. HMS solutions enable communication inside Battery Energy Storage Systems and integration into a wide range of applications. And also enables remote access to valuable data insights.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) network design

Connect communication standards and systems

Modern BESS systems contain a lot of different devices that communicate via different  protocols. Anybus network gateways from HMS Networks allow these devices to be easily networked. This enables central control but also access to data across all system levels.

  • Wide variety of supported protocols – CAN, CAN FD, BACnet, KNX, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus.
  • Data access and interconnection for all types of equipment and systems. 
  • Choose the best components – regardless of manufacturer.
Cloud connection of BESS systems
Cloud connectivity and IIoT

Online access to data — act on insights

Ewon remote solutions enable both secure remote access to your Battery Energy Storage System as well as web-based visualization. HMS offers proven remote access gateways and SCADA/HMI visualization software. This enables data monitoring, system and device configuration as well as remote operation and data logging.

  • Get valuable information from your BESS – any time, anywhere.
  • Solid data and access security.
  • Lower the service costs for system integrators and users.
  • Enable SCADA and HMI applications.
  • Support OPC-UA, MQTT and much more…

Device protection for BESS components against internal and external disturbances.

System and device protection

Increase system reliability in CAN-based systems

Protecting data communication and devices is of utmost importance in a BESS. Ixxat products from HMS offers galvanic protection to increase communication and system reliability and to protect CAN devices from damage.

  • Reduce downtime 
  • Less maintenance and replacements save costs
  • Easy-to-implement 
Commissioning and maintenance for Battery Energy Storage Systems
Test and logging solutions simplify BESS installation and service

CAN commissioning and maintenance

When networking components in battery storage systems using Controller Area Network (CAN), it is important to test wiring, configure devices and check data traffic. HMS offers easy-to-use tools for all these tasks ensuring smooth data communication and operation of your Battery Energy Storage System.

  • Easy and intuitive to use, even by inexperienced CAN users.
  • Enabling quick hand-held testing or detailed analysis.
  • Easy long-term recording of valuable data for predictive maintenance, evaluation and error detection.

Data and communication experts for BESS

HMS’s unique combination of toolboxes, application experience and product development will help realize a sustainable and smarter power grid.

HMS solutions interconnect BESS components, no matter what protocol or network technology you use. From CAN-based battery communication to Smart Grid and SCADA connections – and all steps in between. If required, we can also adapt them to your specific needs. 

Link all network levels to obtain valuable data and enable remote control and monitoring. Combine devices from different industries and take advantage of proven components, closing the communication gap between building, energy, industry and automotive protocols in your BESS.

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Resolving communication problems within CAN connected BESS applications
Network gateways Ixxat

Resolving communication problems within CAN connected Battery Energy Storage Systems

Comprehensive network health analysis by the HMS support team and subsequent application of the appropriate topology solutions enabled robust and reliable CAN BMS communication for the customer in their grid-scale BESS deployments.
Power up! – Get more power out of state-of-the art lithium ion batteries
PC interface cards Ixxat

Power up! – Get more power out of state-of-the art lithium ion batteries

Super B batteries use Ixxat USB-to-CAN V2 and Ixxat protocol software to handle communication between lithium ion batteries and a battery management system.
Smart networking of second life batteries
Network gateways Ixxat

Smart networking of second life batteries

HMS Networks’ Ixxat CAN topology solutions for control networks help to give used electric vehicle batteries a second life in stationary energy storage systems.


What is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a complex electrical system designed to store electrical energy in batteries and discharge it when needed. It serves various purposes, including grid stabilization, management of peak electricity demand, storing excess energy generated from renewable sources, and providing backup power in case of outages. BESS plays a crucial role in optimizing energy use, enhancing grid reliability, and enabling the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid by smoothing out fluctuations in energy production and consumption. 

Why is networking of the different components in a BESS system important? 

Networking different components in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is crucial for real-time monitoring, control, and optimization. It allows to interconnect devices of different vendors to a central control unit, enabling access to all system levels. Enabling efficient management of energy flow, state of charge, and overall system performance, ensuring reliability, maximizing efficiency, and enabling seamless integration with the grid and renewable energy sources.

Why is galvanic isolation in BESS systems crucial?

Galvanic isolation in BESS systems is essential to prevent electrical ground loops, ensuring safety and protecting components from voltage differences, thus reducing the risk of damage and electrical hazards.


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