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The smarter way to control your AC units

Intesis AC Cloud Control offers a cloud-based system for remote control of air conditioners, enhancing guest comfort, energy efficiency, and maintenance, compatible with various AC brands and models.


AC Cloud Control is a cloud-based remote-control system, that allows comfortable and intuitive control of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Just connect the devices to the indoor units and to your local Wi-Fi network, then all variables from the AC unit will be available from the palm of your hand or the click of your mouse. 

Independently of the AC brand and model you have, Intesis AC Cloud Control will offer a compatible gateway to connect it; then, will allow you to manage them all from the same dashboard. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with the AC manufacturers.

Maximize your guests’ comfort:

  • Let them control the air conditioning system from any mobile phone (Android or iOS) with an application using their local language. 
  • Remote control capabilities: On/Off, operation mode, temperature setpoint, ambient temperature value, fan and vanes control.  
  • Use voice assistants to allow your guests getting their comfort temperature, AC Cloud works with: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri shortcuts. 
  • Allow visually impaired people to control the AC unit through voice over.
  • Start cooling the room before the guest arrives by using the timer, scenes or calendar, following the occupancy schedule.


The smarter way to control your AC units


While reducing the energy consumption by 40%, controlling your AC system in an efficient way:

  • Use presence detector and window contact to schedule energy efficiency actions, like automatically turning the AC unit off when the window is open. 
  • Avoid undesirable AC temperature set points and save energy by limiting the values the guests can set up. 
  • Schedule the maintenance and filter cleaning, when reaching the operating hours recommended by the AC manufacturer. Clean filters reduce energy consumption and improves the AC unit’s performance. 
  • Avoid room’s overheating.
  • Ensure the AC units are off, in rooms with no occupancy. 
  • Send emails or notifications directly to the maintenance department when having any errors on the AC units, reducing the resolution time. 
  • Having several rooms, floors or buildings? You can control them all from one single dashboard in an easy and secure way, using any web browser without installing complicated building management systems or configuring VPN connections.

Technical requirements:

  • AC Cloud Control device.
  • Internet connection.
  • AC unit: domestic, commercial, VRF.
Solution: HVAC integration

Industries: Building automation

Products: Intesis AC Cloud Control

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